Tuesday, March 06, 2007

thundercats !

a post from a blogger reminds me of my child days..
suck my child brain with all these faboulous cartoons :

1. thundercats (they rox... lion-O u are my hero.. cheetara the fastest thundercat... damn i miss the show much.. I even got the lion-O sword.. but dh ilang.. )
2. popeye - have to love this show.. eat vege.. u grew muscle.. okeh !! yeah saya ada baju popeye dulu.. my first baju popeye beg my abah+mak buy it for me.. nangis2 nk baju popeye.. hahahah
3. sesame street - big bird ! enuff said...

as when i grew older.. I enjoyed this show :

1. McGyver - he's the best hero...
2. Knight Rider - nak keter awak...

and for now.. sedang tunggu..
SPIDERMAN 3 to save my day...

note : memory is the greatest asset.. please jgn jadikan saya amnesia

note 2 : "
You're never trapped until you stop trying. " - Cheetara, Thundercats


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